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This is quite probably the most important climate and severe weather film, you will ever see. While endless CO2 debate and denial rages on, there is one shocking and daily visible reality that not only proves the severity of global warming and climate collapse, but proves the massive effort by the fossil fuel and power industry to cover it up. The most astonishing part is that you've been looking right at, your entire life.


For the last ten years, I have been proving the nature and man-made origin of severe weather, and flash flood disasters that have cost countless hundreds of millions in damages and lives lost. I’m not a “truther” or a “conspiracy theorist” by any stretch of the imagination. I’m a former corporate engineer (for almost 30 years), and I deal only in facts. For 30 years, it has been my job to figure how things physically and mechanically work, and that is exactly what I have done here. Everything I present can be proven scientifically, is backed up by scientific research, is backed up by the specifications of the equipment (Cooling Towers and their smaller equivalent WSAC [Wet Surface Air Coolers]), and can be observed in action – every single day. There’s nothing “theoretical” about any of this. It’s is as matter-of-fact as the existence of the Combustion Engine is, and its existence is just as easy to prove.

It’s not a difficult concept to understand. Water Vapor in the air is what rain comes from, so enormous cooling towers that put enormous amounts of Water Vapor into the air, would logically affect where and how much rain would fall. In fact, based on a 1971 study at Zion Nuclear Power Plant which investigated the impact of proposed cooling towers (which showed that they did – in fact – affect the amount of rain and snow that would fall down wind), Cooling Towers were rejected at that facility. In spite of this reality, the next few decades saw an explosion of Cooling Tower installations at Power Plants all over the world, to the point that now – one would be hard-pressed to find a power plant without them. Since each tower can evaporate thousands or even tens of thousands of gallons of Water Vapor per minute, and since there are 62,500 power Plants worldwide, it cannot be disputed that they are adding trillions of gallons of Water Vapor to the air… and that in such large numbers, they would necessarily have an affect rainfall.

The obvious question is “why” would (Power Plant / ‘Fossil Fuel’) Industry deliberately do this? Why would a system like this (or to be more precise, the dual-purposing of existing systems) exist? As I explain in detail and prove in my book, one-hundred and fifty years of industrialization created considerably more problems and atmospheric imbalances than just the popular Global Warming and Climate Change focus, CO2. In fact, there is a much bigger problem that has been hidden from public consciousness for several decades… that being the problem of industrialization’s impact, on the natural rain cycle.

In order for a rain drop to form, water vapor must attach to a particle in the air. In the natural cycle, that particle could be a grain of dust, carbon ash, salt, etc. Those particles are called “CCN” (Cloud Condensation Nuclei). When enough of these droplets combine into a drop heavy enough to fall from a cloud, it becomes rain. However, industrial pollution puts particles in the air that are much smaller than natural CCN (which creates droplets much smaller than normal), and this prevents rain drops that are large enough to fall to the ground from forming. This was definitively proven in 2000, although scientists were very much aware of the reality decades before. The droughts of the 70s and 80s illustrated the rapid development and impact of industrial pollution particles on rain.

With pollution creating water droplets that were too small to combine into raindrops (leading to tremendous droughts in at the end of the 20th Century), much more water vapor was required to force saturation point, and to force any rain at all to fall. Although the public was deliberately kept unaware of these realities by corporations spending huge amounts of money on misdirection and disinformation, industry was clearly aware of the problem – and trying to bury it. We know this, because of how industry quietly developed the ability to produce massive amounts of additional Water Vapor, on their own.

Before the 1970s, Cooling Towers and their more modern equivalent WSACs (Wet Surface Air Coolers), were not the ubiquitous fixtures at power plants and industrial facilities that they are now. Power Plants were often cooled by once-through cooling from rivers and lakes, and didn’t have towers at all. Ecological concerns about the damage being done to these bodies of water was one of the reasons Cooling Towers were considered as replacements, but Cooling Towers quite obviously had their own ecological effects. At the time, this was fairly well known as well.

Numerous other studies in the 1970s (like the METER Program [Meteorological Effect of Thermal Energy Release]) proved that Cooling Towers affected rain and snow amounts downwind of their locations, but they were clearly covered up and pushed into obscurity. Meanwhile, more and more, larger and larger Cooling Tower facilities were being installed, which – unbeknownst to the public – began contributing huge amounts of Water Vapor to the water cycle. This provided the ability to try to compensate for the severely damaged natural rain cycle, and to try to give some relief to rapidly rising temperatures.

Eventually, enough of these facilities came into existence to not only significantly impact rain events, but to actually generate them with regularity. As I show in this video, Sequential Water Vapor Generation (Power Plants sequentially adding Water Vapor to cloud / storm systems as the pass overhead), became the standard. With that came the ‘inexplicable’ increase in major storm and flood events that took us from severe droughts in the 70s and 80s, to the almost daily severe flood events we see now. All of this accomplished by a very simple principle: Generating a large enough amount of water vapor to reach saturation point, via collective Cooling Tower emissions, would come back down as rain – very shortly thereafter.

Something as simple to prove as ‘boiling water produces Water Vapor, and boiling water in huge quantities produces huge quantities of Water Vapor,’ is not – in and of itself – inherently difficult. Anyone who can understand the process of boiling water to make a cup of tea, can understand this process. What is difficult, is proving it in a sea of deliberate disinformation specifically designed to keep people confused and misdirected, proving it amongst on host of “gate keepers” who job it is to make sure no one gives any credence to the actual truth, and proving it while fending off relentless and continuous attacks and defamation assaults, intended to scare and frustrate the messenger into silence. These are the real challenges I’ve had to face over the last decade, the ones that remain the largest obstacles, and the ones that have effectively kept all of these realities a broad daylight “secret,” for half a century.

For ten years, I have fielded every imaginable attack on this work, and on me personally. I’ve had to diligently protect my identity to safeguard against harassment and personal threats, and when the attackers failed to uncover my actual identity to attack, they even resorted to manufacturing a false identity, so they could attack that instead. I have fielded all challenges from any and all (genuine) meteorologists and scientists, and the reality I present – cannot be contested. It is what it is… there’s no “theory” about it, and it’s as plain to see – as sunrise.

Yet, it remains clear that those who have kept the actual realities of Global Warming and the in-plain-sight methods of trying to compensate for it hidden from public knowledge for the last 50 years, are still determined to do so. In spite of the massive and grossly evident daily reality, and the increasing ineffectiveness of the methods of cover-up, those who benefit from keeping this broad daylight reality secret, continue to make every effort to keep this work suppressed, continue to attempt to discredit me personally, and continue to propagate the massive disinformation that floods social media and cyberspace about “geoengineering” and “chemtrails.”

It doesn’t only come from the sources you would expect, either. Naturally, one would expect Meteorologists to deny this daily provable reality. Naturally, one would expect nameless, faceless hordes of cyber trolls to deny this daily provable reality. One would not expect all of the “Truth Community” and all of the popular “Truther” channels to deny and suppress this reality. Nor would one would not expect the “most popular geoengineering researcher / truther” to deny, insult, and discredit this daily provable reality, and my 20 years of research on the subject. However, you can see it for yourself. As you watch the time-lapse of Eggborough and Ferrybridge power plants literally fueling the overhead cloud system for an entire day, ask yourself why the “Number 1 Geoengineering Researcher” would write an article to discredit my work called: “Cooling Towers For Weather Modification? Absolute Nonsense.”

“I have had a number of people request that I address the completely ridiculous information being put out by some stating that power plant cooling towers are being used for climate modification. I have not written about this disinformation until now as the cooling tower conclusion is so ludicrous that I felt it did not need to be “debunked”. To believe that isolated steam cooling towers could magically put this volume of water into the sky from water sources that are often only ponds fed by wells is beyond ridiculous. We must all use our sense of reason and avoid conclusions that come from an impressive picture without due consideration.” – Dane Wigington

Yes, we must all use our sense of reason, and see clearly that this “popular geoengineering researcher,” is lying to cover-up the daily visible reality, just like the meteorological and climate science communities are. The reasons why they each are individually lying surely varies greatly, but given what we can see with our own eyes – the fact that they are lying, cannot be denied.

There are many realities that are kept from the population, but none are as large and as plain to see, as this one. All 7 billion people are equally affected by it. 2016 was the hottest year on record, and of the 17 hottest years on record, 16 have now occurred since 2000. Of all the horrendous issues facing the population and the planet, this is the most pressing and significant – since it affects all life. By educating the population about the simple reality of trillions of gallons of power plant water vapor turning into trillions of gallons of flash flood and severe weather rain, the people of this planet can finally awaken to the shocking state of climate collapse. An awakening, that is 50 years overdue.

No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101


I have known Sofia Smallstorm for many years and as evidenced by her inclusion in my documentary “Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering - V.1” and her foreword in my eBook “No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101,” she is a researcher I have great respect and regard for.

Some time ago Sofia wen on Red Ice Radio as well. Her understanding and ability to explain this reality (while doing it in her soothing voice that can make the most disturbing realities palatable somehow) is unequaled. If you want an excellent walk through of the basics of geoengineering and this work, I suggest you start here.

The topic of Chemtrails, like all other aspects of geoengineering, has been intermingled with so much misinformation, that it has largely been turned into a punchline. This is typical for any visible actual truth that they just can’t make people forget about. If they can’t make a topic go away, the next best thing is to distort it with massive amounts of misinformation, that people can’t discern the reality from the deliberately manufactured lunacy. Ultimately this makes the entire topic “suspect,” it gets dismissed as “tinfoil hat” fair, and the followers get dismissed as crazy “conspiracy theorists.” Quite obviously, this is all by design, and is an integral part of the methodology to keep people from ever discovering any real truth.

However, Chemtrails are a very real component of geoengineering. Ironically (but deliberately) deniers claim Chemtrails that stay in the sky (or grow) for hours, or that are visibly and instantly affected by Frequency, are simply “Water Vapor,” while at the same time claiming that hundreds of thousands of gallons a minute vaporized at any one power plant, combined with hundreds of other power plants – is an insignificant amount of Water Vapor that doesn’t affect (or effect) rainfall at all. Confusion and contradiction are tools that are used abundantly in disinformation and reality suppression.

In this video however, you will find the factual evidence and reasons for Chemtrails – all of which can verified. It is very important to separate the reality from the manufactured misdirection.

For a comprehensive breakdown of all major aspects of Geoengineering (Chemtrails, Nexrad, Water Vapor Generation, etc.), and Bioengineering, watch this full length documentary. Sofia Smallstorm is included with presentation on Chemtrails, Morgellons, and Transhumanism.

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