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Perhaps like geoengineering (and a great many other things), this global operation is something I’m designed to be able see, but I honestly don’t understand why any government or law enforcement agency has difficulty grasping this. Not only is it incredibly obvious, it is effectively all there is to see in media and ‘global politics’ at this point. No matter where you look, there this operation is in one form or another. Any topic of any significance in cyberspace has an “Op” hashtag for it (including of course #OpChemtrails), and a voluminous prepared body of disinformation and misdirection ready to deliver.

More than that, it “insists” upon itself. It demands attention from – everyone, all the time. If the world dares to think of anything else even briefly, a new ‘terror’ threat (or entire terror organization) will instantly materialize, and all media will (somehow) have the media packet for them in advance. It took a decade for “Al Qaeda” to develop and become (be perceived as) a credible threat… it took “ISIS” a couple of months of roll-out media dominance and take nearly more territory in Iraq that “Al Qaeda” ever did.

We all watched the development of that development a dozen times since 2009, as it evolved with all variations of Arab Spring. All of them with the same template, all of them building on the successes and learning from the failures of the previous, and all of them boasting and advertising throughout the entire operation. It’s Groundhog’s Day, over… and over… and over.

However since the Universe aligned Jeff Gates’ Red Ice interview with the document I was putting together to put an end to the “WW101 Wizard of Odds” Anonymous Character Assassination Operation (#OpTohidy), it provided an extraordinary opportunity to create something – everyone can understand.

Much like my 40 page eBook which explains 100 years of geoengineering simply and effectively, this video provides a working understanding of manufactured reality and cyberspace dominance in fifteen minutes. I sincerely doubt I can make it any simpler than this. The accompanying document gives complete step by step illustration of manufacturing delusion, in the same step by step manner I illustrate geoengineering.

If the governments and law enforcement agencies of the world understood just this one video – I don’t see how the illusion could continue to operate and exist. Once all of the smokescreens of “Anti-Semitism,” “Peaceful Protest,” “Leaderless Spontaneous Uprising,” etc., are removed and this global operation is understood to be what it is – a sophisticated criminal organization taking advantage of and using all parties involved as Jeff Gates stated – then the delusion can no longer sustain itself… leaving the twisted reality laid bare for all to see.

So, if this video happens to actually make to any real individuals in cyberspace who actually want to make a difference on this planet, I’ll say the same thing I say about my eBook. Do whatever you can to see to it that it gets exposure, and gets to people in positions of power and influence. If a million people saw this video (just like if a million people read my eBook), this world would instantly be a different place. That is fact, and everyone knows it.

Everyone who comes across this video – needs to study it, study the document linked below, and propagate this video that explains psyops as simply as my eBook explains geoengineering.

Here’s how it works. I don’t care whether you believe it or not. Here’s how it works… period.


Important Note: It you can do these two things at once (which should be considered seriously – since both sources are complex and require focus and attention), I strongly suggest clicking this link and listening to the interview with former U.S. Advisor Jeff Gates in the background, as you read and study this document. The full video is linked again below as well.


Pulling Back The Curtain On The WW101 Wizard of Odds

Who is Behind the Curtain of WeatherWar101?


You would be surprised how much I don’t want to waste my time on this. I’ve spent the last decade building an irrefutable body of work that no meteorologist, climate scientist, or geoengineer will challenge. I have proven the reality of 100 years of Geoengineered Planet and No Natural Weather in 150+ detailed geoengineering videos, and an undeniable eBook covering the history and development. I have proven the existence of a Global Water Vapor Generation network that has existed for at least half a century. I have proven the reality of a Global Frequency Grid that controls the Manufactured Cloud Systems that comprise “the weather” on this planet.

I can say these things as plainly as I’m saying them, because they are fact. No one in this field, and no one familiar with my work – will challenge this. If you are unfamiliar with my work you will come to understand, that I can prove all that I say. That – is how I operate.

"Don't be intimidated by those who want to shut you up with a smokescreen that they've used on others, because this is too serious." - Jeff Gates

However if you go to geoegineeringwatch.org, the ‘popular’ website on the topic and the central website for the “Anonymous Activist” community from which most of their ‘information’ comes from, you will find none of my work, and none of this reality. If you go to the #OpChemtrails hashtag on Twitter (the central tag for Anonymous “Chemtrail and Geoengineering Activism”), you will not find any of this work, or any of this reality. Both of these ‘entities’ (Dane Wigington at geoegineringwatch.org and the “Anonymous Activist Community”) are fully aware of my work and this reality, and both entities not only ignore it and refuse to support it, they methodically try to destroy the credibility of this work and me – personally.

All you will find in either places pertaining to me and this work, is a document written by an Anonymous Twitter identity, with no body of work on this topic and no credibility of any kind called:

Pulling Back The Curtain On The WW101 Wizard of Odds: Who is Behind the Curtain of WeatherWar101

Because of the state of Cyberterrorism and personal attacks in cyberspace that I have watched develop – for a very long time – I decided to protect my identity in order to do my work. As everyone surely knows or has experienced, if you say anything at all ‘serious’ on the internet in 2015, you are likely to be attacked by all kinds of ‘accounts’ coming out of the woodwork. Because of the seriousness of this work, and because I knew very well it would be fervently and ruthlessly attacked in every conceivable fashion (in order to keep this 100 year hidden reality – hidden), I very consciously chose to take myself – as a person – out of the equation.

It’s preposterously sad commentary, and displays in technicolor just how vile these tactics are, but the fact of the matter is if you are identifiable in cyberspace and exposing any truth ‘they’ want hidden, you will be personally and viciously attacked, ridiculed, and threatened, until that becomes the focus and your only concern – as opposed the truth or work you were doing that attracted the attention. I’ve seen it happen a thousand times before, it is a methodology that has been developed in the open on Twitter for the last six years, and like all things I say – I can prove every bit of it. However… I’ll get to that in a moment.

So, for the last five years, the Anonymous Cyberterrorists have sought my identity. They have not, at any point, cared about my work, cared about Climate Collapse, or cared about a Global Geoengineering System that is manufacturing the weather – and all weather disasters. All they care about, and all they have sought for five years – is my identity. They want to know who I am, so they can attack me personally, in order to discredit and silence this work. That is fact, and it is all detailed in the series of videos I produced documenting dozens of instances.

Having failed to identify me in five years, they moved on to another trademark and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) Anonymous Cyberterrorist Tactic: manufacturing a false-identify for me, and attacking that… making that the singular focus, instead of supporting my voluminous and irrefutable proof of Geoengineered Planet. The Anonymous Cyber Terrorists have manufactured a false-identity for me, launched it in cyberspace with an Anonymous Twitter Sock Account with no credibility, built a baseless, nonsensical fake document to support this false-identification with the same non-credible Anonymous Sock account, and that fake document is the only reference to this work that the “Anonymous Activist Community” recognizes, the only thing #OpChemtrails propagates on Twitter (during the weekly Twitter storm #EducateYouself campaigns), and the only thing Dane Wigington (the current ‘defacto’ self-proclaimed leader on the subject of geoengineering) has on his website geoegineeringwatch.org, that so many in cyberspace consider as having credibility.

Instead of refuting this lengthy and ridiculous fraud piece (as it is intended to have me wasting my time doing, putting me on the defensive in the process, and changing the subject from a 100 years of geoengineering to me proving I’m not Davoud Tohidy), I’m going to expose the methodology, structure, and origin of these cyberterrorists and their tactics. That – is what is important for people to understand because not only is this insidious methodology pervasive in cyberspace in 2015, it often looks like is solely comprised of it. The amount (or lack of) comments I get on this worldview-altering information, research and reality, versus petty and tactical assault attempts to discredit myself and this work, is evidence – of just how prevalent this false-reality is.

Anonymous Psyop OpTohidy

As is most often the case, and as I have documented numerous times in video, this False-Identification Character Assassination Operation originated from an Anonymous Sock account, with no body of work on  either relevant topic (Geoengineering or Psyops), and no credibility of any kind. Nothing but a comicbook-stye icon of a female – and her breasts.

psyop rebel siren header 1

Below is linked the full article “Manufactured Realities: The Truth About The Arab Spring, Occupy Movement And Anonymous.” This article documents in meticulous detail, the origin and development of all of the Anonymous Cyberterrorism Tactics that are so pervasive in cyberspace, and their origin in #IranElection and #ArabSpring – both of which were the prototypes for #Op-everthing-else that has dominated Twitter and all Social Media.

I will be referring to and using examples of the tactics developed during #IranElection (The Operation to oust Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and install Mir-Hossein Mousavi in 2009 using the original Remote Control “Student Uprising” fabrication). However I strongly suggest everyone read it in its entirety if you want to understand the foundation, development, and real motives for the sudden and inexplicable wave of incredibly well-organized, media represented, tactically proficient, “spontaneous uprisings” that that have toppled governments across the Middle East, now Ukraine, and trying – in virtually every other country on this planet… including the United States.

In September of 2014 (almost 6 months ago exactly), this typical Anonymous Sock account showed up out of nowhere, having never comment on any of this work and reality or contacted me in any way, posted a lengthy, baseless, self-contradictory, and clearly identifiable within the first two paragraphs, fake “article” claiming to have “discovered” my true identity. Bear mind, as I said, this Anonymous sock (prior to this post) had shown no indication of ever having even seen one of my videos before – much having studied my body of work, determined it to false, and then going about “discovering” my identity.

The fact that this attacker is not at all interested in the validly or substance of their claims or this work is also evidenced within the first two paragraphs. The ‘foundation’ of this feeble false-identification operation is the claim that I and this ‘identity’ Davoud Tohidy, are both “Climate Change Deniers,” and this is the basis for “link” they present as “evidence” that I am “Davoud Tohidy.” Anyone who is familiar with my (or cares to be) know very well that not only do I fully support the reality of “Climate Change” and “Global Warming,” I call both terms archaic and inadequate that should be changed to Climate Collapse and Global Burning.

In spite of that fact (which is easily provable by watching – any – of my 150+ plus detailed geoengineering videos), the basis for this attack and false-identification is as follows. These are the only four paragraphs of this nonsense document I’m going to include, before moving on to who created it and why. In the interest of saving time and space, I highlight and link the associated and applicable Rules of Disinformation that this fake document is riddled with from the start.


Pulling back the curtain to reveal the “wizard” behind WW101 and his “Straw Man” attacks on well known geoengineering activists, Rules of Disinformation Number 2 it would be no surprise to find a frail, vindictive little man, Rules of Disinformation Number 5Rules of Disinformation Number 18 doing his best to conceal his true identity while attacking and harassing others from the shadows, Rules of Disinformation Number 2 using a small army of angry accomplices, most of whom feel ignored or slighted by those they target and attack, clearly motivated by inflated egos and rage, Rules of Disinformation Number 7 rather than willingness to put aside differences for the greater good. The dots blur and the secrecy continues, but one connection we have found so far, leads to a man named Davoud Tohidy of Ottawa, Canada. Rules of Disinformation Number 20

Could Davoud Tohidy be “Weatherwar 101”? Rules of Disinformation Number 17 Could Weatherwar 101 and his army of angry accomplices be a more vicious version of Mick West’s denier cult masquerading as “allies”? Rules of Disinformation Number 17Rules of Disinformation Number 7 And, if so, WHO is the real mastermind behind Weatherwar 101 and WHY such anonymity if he is so “proud” of his “work”? Rules of Disinformation Number 7 What exactly is “he” hiding? Help us examine all the PUBLIC information presented that is available to anyone with the internet, and let’s connect the dots. Let’s investigate Davoud Tohidy AND WW101, Rules of Disinformation Number 17Rules of Disinformation Number 20 and the reason “they”, along with other so called “allies“, are out to get activists leading the awareness movement by lumping them in the category of disinformation shills; Rules of Disinformation Number 2 what could their motivation be, and who exactly are “they” supporting? Rules of Disinformation Number 7

According to what we’ve dug up in PUBLIC searches that anyone can do, we have found that Davoud Tohidy, with Weatherwar 101 and his accomplices, fit the profile of classic climate science denier/harasser/cyber-stalkers. Rules of Disinformation Number 17Rules of Disinformation Number 20 Coincidentally, dirty energy (big oil, coal, etc.) has an interest in denial too; they have been simultaneously denying while supporting, climate science, and have a few climate engineering projects of their own. BP is first on the list on ETC Group GeoMap performing CDR (carbon dioxide removal). Ironic that BP is a climate denier, yet performs their own “carbon dioxide removal”, hm? Duplicity in the crude world is a huge problem, see: BP – Deceiving The Public About Geo Engineering | Rebel Siren. Rules of Disinformation Number 17

First, let’s take a look at the climate denial harassment and cyberstalking occurring in recent years as scientific findings surface that counteract the “denial”, and, ask ourselves, isn’t it possible that the entire “debate” is just a smokescreen to veil the truth, pitting us against one another to distract us and keep us from joining forces to protect humanity and our planet? If we are wasting time defending ourselves from harassment and character attacks, we cannot very well focus on the issue, can we? Rules of Disinformation Number 17Rules of Disinformation Number 20

 As you can see, this baseless and ridiculous fraud is easily exposed and disproven a dozen times in the first four paragraphs alone. Anyone with a modicum of common sense or whoever even briefly came in contact with any of my work or videos, would instantly dismiss this fake document as evident and obvious psyop nonsense, intended to accomplish nothing but discredit the source of this incredible information.

Dane Wigington (geoegineeringwatch.org) has never posted any of my 150+ (with two accidental exceptions) or any of my work, no matter how many times I or my viewers have sent them to him. He never, in five years, responded to any of my inquiries as to why that is, nor has he ever allowed a single comment posted on any his sites or articles that pertained to myself or this work, to remain posted. He deleted them all – without exception.

However within one day of this obvious Anonymous Psyop False-Identification Fake Document being published by an Anonymous and unknown account with no credibility on the topic whGeoegineeringwatch Rebel Siren 1atsoever, Dane Wigington (on Septermer 11th) had posted it prominently on geoengineeringwatch.org, along with a front page big red link to the “Disinformation Directory” (a ‘website’ created by the same Anonymous Psyop Sock – Rebel Siren) which consists of almost nothing on the topic – aside from this embarrassingly obvious fraud written to discredit me.

This easily recognizable fake document was not only posted by Dane Wigington on (supposedly) the most popular geoengineering information site, it was also, in an evident and obvious coordinated manner, tweeted and retweeted by all of the people at the collective “top” of the “Anonymous Activists,” “Chemtrail Activists,” and “Geoengineering Research Activists.” Bear in mind, that for five years, all of these individuals have equally ignored this work completely, none of them ever tweet or retweet my videos, and none of them of them have (admitted to) reading my book. Needless to say, they certainly don’t support the book either.

Yet – all of them – tweeted and gave false-credibility to an Anonymous Psyop Fake Document, for the evident and obvious singular purpose – of discrediting me, this work, and burring this reality where Dane Wigington himself has stated he wants it – “buried in the tomb of the impossible.”

Rebel Siren - aka "Cherie LaPlace"

When challenged on the obvious Anonymous Sock account delivering this completely baseless, source-less, fake document, they fabricated a supposed ‘identity’ for Rebel Siren. After serveral attempts at goading me into confrontation and literally challenging me to combat, this "woman" Rebel Siren supposedly “identified” herself.

Rebel Siren Coward Post 1


This person, Cherie LaPlace, does not exist. The only two pictures of this person on the internet at all, are tCherie LaPlace LinkedIn Analysis 1 1 1hese very similar pictures. They were obviously taken at the same event, and they were most likely stolen from someone’s computer – who doesn’t have any other pictures of themselves on the internet.

This is the fake LinkCherie LaPlace Pictures 1edin account they created for this false identity. As is often the case (since so very few people every dig past the threat) this “identity” has no substance whatsoever, and consists soley of the stolen picture.

The only Cherie LaPlace there is on the internet at all, is a Louisiana Junior High School teacher. Needless to say, it not plausible that a Louisiana High School teacher would – out of the blue – decide that my work is the biggest threat she can think of, single-handedly launch an “investigation” into my “identity,” and manage to uncover something that Dane Wigington & Co. and Anonymous have failed to do in five years. We also have to believe this "woman" from nowhere with no crediblity would challenge me on a topic that no meteorologist, climate scientist, or "geoegineering activist" (including Dane Wigington) will challenge me on, and that she would challenge me to - actual combat.

Not only that, we would have to believe that this Jr. High School teacher was also given instant credibility and somehow had instant access to and support from Dane Wigington, whereas I have been unable to get him to recognize my work – in five years.

Obviously none of this is remotely plausible… yet that is precisely what these conniving frauds want you to believe.

Let’s examine where else we have seen this methodology of numerous accounts giving false credibility to obvious fake and unsupported information, solely to create a false reality.

"This is not some theory… Here's how it works. I don't care whether you believe it or not. Here's how it works." - Jeff Gates


Excerpt From - Proof: Israeli Effort to Destabilize Iran via #IranElection (link)

(2009) Right-wing Israeli interests are engaged in an all out Twitter attack with hopes of delegitimizing the Iranian election and causing political instability within Iran.

Anyone using Twitter over the past few days knows that the topic of the Iranian election has been the most popular. Thousands of tweets and retweets alleging that the election was a fraud, calling for protests in Iran, and even urging followers to hack various Iranian news websites (which they did successfully). The Twitter popularity caught the eye of various blogs such as Mashable and TechCrunch and even made its way to mainstream news media sites.

How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy and Public(Must-Hear Interview)

  • You displace facts with manipulated beliefs
  • Master Mythmakers telling Sophisticated Stories
  • If you concentrate on dominating the in-between space, then you've dominated the story.
  • You can't solve the problem, until you know what the problem is.
  • Here is the common source… stop pretending it's otherwise.

Were these legitimate Iranian people or the works of a propaganda machine? I became curious and decided to investigate the origins of the information. In doing so, I narrowed it down to a handful of people who have accounted for 30,000 Iran related tweets in the past few days. Each of them had some striking similarities -

1. They each created their twitter accounts on Saturday June 13th.
2. Each had extremely high number of Tweets since creating their profiles.
3. “IranElection” was each of their most popular keyword
4. With some very small exceptions, each were posting in ENGLISH.
5. Half of them had the exact same profile photo
6. Each had thousands of followers, with only a few friends. Most of their friends were EACH OTHER.

Why were these tweets in English? Why were all of these profiles OBSESSED with Iran? It became obvious that this was the work of a team of people with an interest in destabilizing Iran. The profiles are phonies and were created with the sole intention of destabilizing Iran and effecting public opinion as to the legitimacy of Iran’s election.

I narrowed the spammers down to three of the most persistent – @StopAhmadi @IranRiggedElect @Change_For_Iran. The first page to come up in google search was JPost (Jerusalem Post) which is a right wing newspaper pro-Israeli newspaper.

JPost actually ran a story about 3 people “who joined the social network mere hours ago have already amassed thousands of followers.” Why would a news organization post a story about 3 people who JUST JOINED TWITTER hours earlier? Is that newsworthy? JPost was the first (and only to my knowledge) major news source that mentioned these 3 spammers.

JPost, a major news organization, promoted these three Twitterers who went on the be the source of the IranElection Twitter bombardment. Why is JPost so concerned about Iranian students all of a sudden (which these spammers claim to be)? I must admit that I had my suspicions. After all, Que Bono? (who benefits).

Excerpt From - The Truth About The Arab Spring, Occupy Movement And Anonymous (link)

In 2009, a brand new phe­nom­e­non flew out of the clear blue sky. With­out any warn­ing (for most), a (man­u­fac­tured) wave of ‘social con­scious­ness’ hit Manin­stream Media like a ton of bricks. After ten years of global war crime based on false-flag delu­sion that no amount of pub­lic out­rage, orga­ni­za­tion, and protest was even able to get so much as acknowl­edge­ment from MSM for, and after ten years of Diebold stolen elec­tions that remain to this day a hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil real­ity, MSM and global media in gen­eral was sud­denly sin­gu­larly focused – on an obscure elec­tion in Iran. In a coun­try that had just elected its First Black Pres­i­dent in His­tory, sud­denly an elec­tion in Iran was all Main­stream Media and the Twit­ter­sphere could talk about.

The Build­ing of Delusion

All of these accounts are oper­a­tors that sud­denly and fer­vently began pro­mot­ing #iran­elec­tion on day one in an enor­mous and coor­di­nated effort. Many of the accounts were cre­ated only days before (or even days after) the June 12th elec­tion itself. The pat­tern and devel­op­ment will become unde­ni­ably clear.

The first account is Iran­Rigged­Elect.

This very overtly named account was cre­ated on June 12th 2009… the very day of the elec­tion. Before the elec­tion could even con­ceiv­ably be con­sid­ered over, much less any pos­si­bil­ity that any votes could have been tal­lied, “Iran­Rigged­Elect” already existed on Twit­ter and imme­di­ately began lay­ing the foun­da­tion of the pre­pared delusion.

In the very first two tweets from this account, it declares that it’s “Fol­low­ing Iran’s pres­i­den­tial elec­tion results,” then in the very next tweet less than a half an hour later, declares that “The pres­i­den­tial elec­tion in Iran has turned into a coups d’état.” This is the lit­eral begin­ing of the Dis­in­for­ma­tion Psyop, and the first com­pletely unver­i­fied, yet glob­ally accepted fal­lacy of the Arab Spring.

The next two tweets, com­ing less than two min­utes later, attempt to estab­lish – out of the clear blue sky – that the Iran­ian Gov­ern­ment is block­ing SMS mes­sages. Here we have the third and fourth tweet ref­er­enc­ing some­thing that doesn’t make any sense at all, unless it’s in the con­text of the operation.

The next tweets quickly attempt to estab­lish a series of false real­ity talk­ing points, with­out any links or ref­er­ences for val­i­da­tion at all. Sim­ply matter-of-fact-ish state­ments of the elec­tion being rigged, and Mir-Hossein Mousavi declar­ing him­self the winner. (Click to enlarge - read left to right)

Truth About Anonymous Tweets 1

The theme of the delu­sion cen­ters around the ‘Anony­mous Iran­ian Stu­dent’ myth. Although in real­ity this account wasn’t even cre­ated until the 17th, it jumps directly into the psyop from the very first tweet to jzel­lis, and builds on the delu­sion from there. There are also a vari­ety of other extremely telling char­ac­ter­is­tics of this so-called “Iran­ian stu­dent.” Their inabil­ity to spell their own leader’s name, the imme­di­ate asso­ci­a­tion and vil­i­fi­ca­tion of “brown skinned” forces as ‘alien’ and ‘evil,’ the man­u­fac­tured Hezbol­lah /Hamas /Basiji jum­ble, etc.

It is from this base­less false real­ity, that ALL of #iran­elec­tion and ALL of Arab Spring is fab­ri­cated from. It is this non-reality that was then glob­ally prop­a­gated that turned #iran­elec­tion into the Arab Spring Grand Delu­sion we all are sub­jected to now.

Truth About Anonymous Tweets 2Prop­a­gat­ing Delusion

There are innu­mer­ous exam­ples of the estab­lished Twit­ter oper­a­tives that were already in place to val­i­date and prop­a­gate this delu­sion, but one is a par­tic­u­larly good and pop­u­lar exam­ple… oxford­girl. This user has been exposed in numer­ous other instances for numer­ous other rea­sons, yet still remains one of the oper­a­tions most pop­u­lar users. The evi­dence of this users asso­ci­a­tion on the first day of the pro­to­type oper­a­tion how­ever, is undeniable.

On the very first day, oxford­girl launched into a pre­pared script that was a hun­dred tweets long. The yarn she spun, and the images she fab­ri­cated were base­less psyop pro­pa­ganda… demon­strat­ing knowl­edge and an agenda that can only come from the operation.

In this set of tweets we have the early estab­lish­ment of sev­eral other psyop tac­tics and sound bites we’ve all had drilled into our heads. The now brain-melting mantra “the whole world is watch­ing” is being used here before ANY­ONE in the world knew what #iran­elec­tion was. In fact oxford­girl her­self wasn’t even tweet­ing the tag right yet. Another exam­ple of psyop modus operandi by pro­claim­ing events are hap­pen­ing that haven’t – at all – hap­pened.

Truth About Anonymous Tweets 3Truth About Anonymous Tweets 4

Cyber­war Development

Below the psyop herd­ing of social con­scious­ness and fab­ri­ca­tion of false real­ity, was the actual cyber­war cam­paign against Iran. Peo­ple were duped into treat­ing it like some kind of game, but the coor­di­nated cyber-attacks on Iran under the pre­tense of “help­ing the Iran­ian Stu­dents” was in fact delib­er­ate act-of-war. These attacks have like­wise become char­ac­ter­is­tic of all Arab Spring & Occupy oper­a­tions and have for exam­ple, recently taken down both the C.I.A. Web­site, and the Bahrain Inte­rior Min­istry Police website.

Truth About Anonymous Tweets 5

Truth About Anonymous Tweets 6

Truth About Anonymous Tweets 7

In this account exam­ple we see the lit­eral cre­ation of #iran­elec­tion pro­to­type, the ori­gin of Arab Spring, the Ori­gin of Occupy, the ori­gin of Anony­mous, and the ori­gin of all asso­ci­ated tac­tics, meth­ods, and psyop dis­in­for­ma­tion talk­ing points – in one-single-place. From this source infor­ma­tion one can eas­ily iden­tify all of the Arab Spring /Occupy Oper­a­tions as merely being off­shoots and evo­lu­tions of this cen­tral oper­a­tion. The oper­a­tors of this global psyop remain the same no mat­ter how many socks they’ve built, no mat­ter how large the net­work they’ve con­structed, and no mat­ter how many use­ful idiots they’ve enlisted to unwit­tingly do their dirty work for them, and sac­ri­fice their lives ‘for the cause.’

Excerpt - Web Attacks Expand in Iran’s Cyber Battle (link)

More and more of Iran’s pro-government websites are under assault, as opposition forces launch web attacks on the Tehran regime’s online propaganda arms.

What started out as an attempt to overload a small set of official sites has now expanded, network security consultant Dancho Danchev notes. News outlets like Raja News are being attacked, too. The semi-official Fars News site is currently unavailable.

“We turned our collective power and outrage into a serious weapon that we could use at our will, without ever having to feel the consequences. We practiced distributed, citizen-based warfare.” Thanks to a “push-button tool that would, upon your click, immediately start bombarding 10 Web sites with requests.” WhereIsMyVote.info is opening up 16 Page Reboot windows simultaneously, to flood an array of government pages at once.

Meanwhile, San Francisco technologist Austin Heap has put together a set of instructions on how to set up “proxies” — intermediary internet protocol (IP) address — that allow activists to get through the government firewall. And the Networked Culture blog has assembled for pro-democracy sympathizers a “cyberwar guide for beginners.” Stop publicizing these proxies over Twitter, the site recommends. Instead, send direct messages to “@stopAhmadi or @iran09 and they will distributed them discretely to bloggers in Iran.” Other advice:

  • Help cover the bloggers: change your twitter settings so that your location is TEHRAN and your time zone is GMT +3.30. Security forces are hunting for bloggers using location and timezone searches. If we all become ‘Iranians’ it becomes much harder to find them.
  • Don’t blow their cover! If you discover a genuine source, please don’t publicise their name or location on a website. These bloggers are in REAL danger. Spread the word discretely [sic] through your own networks but don’t signpost them to the security forces. People are dying there, for real, please keep that in mind.
  • Denial of Service attacks. If you don’t know what you are doing, stay out of this game. Only target those sites the legitimate Iranian bloggers are designating. Be aware that these attacks can have detrimental effects to the network the protesters are relying on. Keep monitoring their traffic to note when you should turn the taps on or off.

Excerpt - Facebook and Twitter key to Arab Spring uprisings: report (link)

The most popular Twitter hashtags in the Arab region in the first three months of this year were “Egypt”, “Jan25”, “Libya”, “Bahrain” and “protest”. Nearly 9 in 10 Egyptians and Tunisians surveyed in March said they were using Facebook to organize protests or spread awareness about them. All but one of the protests called for on Facebook ended up coming to life on the streets.

These and other findings give empirical heft to the conventional wisdom that Facebook and Twitter abetted if not enabled the historic region-wide uprisings of early 2011.

In part by using the social networking sites, activists organized and publicized the unprecedented protests that gave rise to the so-called Arab Spring, which has so far seen longtime governments in Egypt and Tunisia fall, regimes in Syria, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain clash with the opposition, and leaders in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE offer more benefits to their populace.

On Twitter, the hashtag “Egypt” had 1.4 million mentions in the three months of the year. Other hashtags – which are essentially search terms – “Jan25” had 1.2m mentions; “Libya” had 990,000; “Bahrain” had 640,000; and “protest” had 620,000. The flurry of tweets spiraled during the turning points of the uprisings. In Tunisia they peaked around the January 14 protest start date. In Egypt they spiked around February 11 when longtime President Hosni Mubarak stepped down. And in Bahrain they jumped in the days after the demonstrations began on February 14.

Excerpt - How social media is shaping Ukraine's protest movement (link)

The thousands of pro-European protesters on Ukraine's streets organised using Twitter and Facebook from the start - as reported on this blog - and they are now driving a big change in the country's social media culture.

OpUkraine BBC 1On social media, Kiev's main square has been renamed. The country's ongoing demonstrations are actually taking place in Independence Square - the same location as the Orange Revolution - but on social media, activists who want a pro-EU rather than pro-Russian future have dubbed it #євромайдан, which translates as #Euromaidan (also #Euromaydan) or European Square. When we first reported on the hashtag on 22 November, it had been used 21,000 times in the space of 24 hours. It's now been used - together with its English and Russian equivalents - a total of more than 730,000 times on Twitter.

That's a lot of tweets, but the twist is that this is a country where Twitter was not widely used - at least not until now. "Twitter wasn't popular before 21 November," says digital marketing expert Maksym Savanevskyy, who says the Russian social media networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki have traditionally been used far more than Western ones. But the picture has changed dramatically in the past 12 days. Many people who don't have Twitter accounts are following the hashtag to get the latest news, says Savanevskyy, and major online news sites, like Ukrayinska Pravda, have seen a big spike - as much as a ten-fold increase - in traffic from both Twitter and Facebook.

The Euromaidan Facebook page has more than 125,000 followers, and further 4,000 for its English version, and there are similar Facebook pages in cities across the country. "I wanted to spread the news around the world," says Ziemowit Jozwik, a Polish journalist who reports on eastern Europe and who was the first to use the English hashtag #Euromaidan on Twitter. At least five live-streaming webcams have been set up in hotspots across Kiev - and these have proved very popular. Several news and government websites have recently been hacked, though it's not clear by whom, says Savanevskyy - making social media even more critical as a news source.

Excerpt - Is the Islamic State (ISIS) Propaganda a Psyop? Calls To Shut Down Social Media “Extremism” Intensify (link)

Obama is calling for a concerted effort to shut down the Islamic State’s “sophisticated and slickly produced propaganda,” CBS New York reports. CBS claims the IS “propaganda machine produces as many as 90,000 posts on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms every single day.”

twitter isis “The high-quality videos, the online magazines, the use of social media, terrorist Twitter accounts — it’s all designed to target today’s young people online,” Obama said.

Congress and the White House are leaning on Twitter to censor Islamic State posts on its network. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, the chair of a House foreign affairs subcommittee on terrorism, has singled out Twitter for allowing supposed IS operatives to recruit and propagandize on the social media platform.

“This is the way (the Islamic State) is recruiting — they are getting people to leave their homelands and become fighters,” Poe said.

Obama’s latest comments coincide with efforts by British police to find three school girls who were allegedly recruited by the terrorist army. CBS News reported on Friday the British school girls were lured by “slick, well-produced and effective” IS propaganda. “Becoming wives of fighters seems to be a common thing; to take part in ISIL activities in that way, by marrying and producing children, jihadist children, or becoming part of the fight themselves,” said Steven Pomerantz, a former chief of counterterrorism at the FBI.

Telltale Signs IS Propaganda is Psyop

In September Bernie Suarez, writing for Activist Post, analyzed the “scripted oddities” of Islamic State propaganda. Suarez noted the professional camera, editing and software skills of IS and its internet sophistication and video uploading capabilities despite supposedly being targeted by the largest and most advanced military and intelligence organizations in the world.

Suarez writes that “ISIS has all the above including social media capabilities. Amazingly, these covered-face killers have unraveled the secret of how to outsmart every world power including the U.S. Empire with regard to every form of communication. They have stomped out the U.S. military, NSA, CIA, NATO, U.N. and the intelligence of Israel, U.K. and every other nation that surrounds them.”

ISIS beheading videos, according to British forensic experts and other analysts, are fake. In addition, there are questions about the legitimacy of the latest sensationalistic execution video of a Jordanian pilot allegedly captured by the Islamic State.

- End excerpts -

As you can plainly see, there is a straight line motivationally, tactically, and operationally running directly through all of these destabilization operations masquerading as "Peaceful Protests" and "Spontaneous Leaderless Uprisings," and the templates are identical. The Remote Control Handlers destabilizing the Middle East, Ukraine, and the World with Arab Spring, ISIS and Terrorism, are the same Remote Control Handlers destabilizing this country with "Peaceful Protests" against the police and government authority - that 9 times out of 10 turn into ongoing orchestrated wars with the police… as is the case in Ferguson right now.

Ferguson Police Shooting 1

Anonymous OpFerguson Challenge Police

Anonymous OpFerguson

Anonymous OpFerguson Violence

Anonymous Message - Kill Cops

This is how False Reality is created and converted into Real Reality on a daily basis, on a massive scale. I don't care whether you believe it or not… this is how it works. It is so massive and all-encompassing, that it (deliberately) blocks out everything else and all other reality… including all of the incredibly obvious reality that is pouring out of this website, this YouTube channel, and this work.

On that note, there is one more important aspect of the Character Assassination / Reality Suppression Methodology in #OpTohidy that illustrates very clearly that truth is never the issue (even when proven), and that false reality and protection of the enormous web of lies is the only and constant goal.


It wasn’t long after this Anonymous Character Assassination fake document was even first posted that “Rebel Siren” was forced to admit that I am in fact not “Davoud Tohidy.” However, six months later, that hasn’t stopped the Anonymous Cyberterrorists from continuing to propagate this fake document, and Dane Wigington is still propagating it as the only reference to this work on geoengineeringwatch.org at all.

Even when “Rebel Siren” admitted that I am not “Davoud Tohidy,” he / she / it made it perfectly what their real objective and purpose was anyway: Destroy my creditability, destroy my ability to function, and suppress / dismiss my work entirely (regardless of its singular validity and veracity on this topic), in order to protect Dane Wigington and his lies, and in order to keep Dane Wigington from having to answer my challenges to his lies.

Rebel Siren Admission 1

That is why the Anonymous Cyberterrorists don’t propagate my singular work (like my most recent video and article detailing Understanding Snow and Artificial Ice Nucleation that I sent to the @weatherchannel @DylanDreyerNBC @AlRoker @DrShepherd2013 @CapitalWeather @WXGeeksTWC @AMS @NWS – without a sound in rebuttal from anyone). Instead, the Anonymous Cyberterrorists are still propagating this six month old repeatedly proven (and well-known to them) psyop lie. They propagated it as recently as this Sunday morning… as I write this document.

Obviously, there is no legitimate of justifiable reason conceivable – for any of this.

Dane Wigington and the Anonymous Cyberterrorists that he has been working in conjunction with for the last five years to discredit me personally and to suppress this work, have identified themselves and their motives more times than anyone can count. No one can possibly think I couldn’t prove this case – in any court in the Universe. If you need to prove it to yourself, it’s easy to do. Just got to geoegineeringwatch.org where Dane Wigington still has this Anonymous Psyop Character Assassination Fake Document posted, and post a comment asking (preferably telling) him to take down and retract the lie. See for yourself, how quickly your comment is deleted or ignored entirely.

Dane Wigington Wizard of Odds 1

I’m not done with this document and I could add to it indefinitely (five years’ worth of evidence), but I’ll cover one more critical point. The final proof that this operation (OpChemtrails) has no interest in climate or geoengineering reality and proof that this operation (OpTohidy) is solely intended to destroy my credibility in any way possible and destroy my ability to achieve any funding at all for this singularly important work, it the most recent comment “Rebel Siren” posted on the insulting, repeatedly disproven, yet lingering farce. Now, instead peddling the farce that I am “Davoud Tohidy” they are peddling the farce that my name is “Jim Smith”… on the very same lengthy meaningless document that they spend several pages demanding that I am “Davoud Tohidy.”

Worst of above all (and most singularly identifying of their malicious intent) is the fact these cyberterrorists have lumped my accounts in with several of their Anonymous Sock accounts (including “Simpsons1986 – “Davoud Tohidy” Sock), have included my Campaign Manager’s account (who is solely responsible for all fundraising), and are vile enough to lie about my Campaign Manager attacking anyone – ever. My Campaign Manager would never “attack” anyone, I would not ask him too, and everybody knows it. This willful despicable attack, on the credibility of my one source of contributions, just proves that these creatures literally want to me starve.

No one is pretending they have legitimate cause to attack my work and credibility. They are attacking it knowing full-well they have no cause at all. So much so, they had to manufacture this fake cause. They aren’t pretending to have cause to attack my ability to generate any funding at all. They are attacking it knowing very well they do not. It is terrorism, it is how they are dominating any reality in cyberspace, I’ve seen it a thousand times before and as I have thoroughly documented – I have personally been dealing with it for five years.

Know for a fact I will be directly confronting (and documenting) every single person who tweeted, posted, or supported this psyop lie, and offering them one opportunity to apologize, retract the lie, and post and propagate the truth. Since (at very least) you were ignorant, irresponsible, and detrimental to the very planet you live on, you are responsible for admitting your grievous error and making every effort to repair the damage you have done. Any “real” person would understand, and do exactly that.

Anyone who does not do this – will find themselves identified as psyop terrorist co-conspiring in this operation, and will find themselves documented right here. There is no reasonable excuse to have ever propagated this… but if you did, you better tweet and post the truth – 100 times.

Twitter Picture TerminatorBarbi 1

It’s not hard to see what happened to the Truth Movement, is it. My viewers know what I’ve had to contend with for the last five years, and I haven’t encountered anyone in cyberspace equipped or committed enough to deal with it in the manner I can and do. Who knows how long it has (all) been effectively coopted. Certainly, the horror show that was the “Truth Movement” and the state of cyberspace following 9-11-2001 makes considerably more sense to me now. This, is the reason why all information and efforts to investigate, document, and prosecute that crime have been derailed from the start… not at all unlike how the operation and propaganda for #IranElection was in-place beforehand as well.cui bono 1

It’s grim and pathetic commentary that something like this can even exist on this planet, and that I have to spend the kind of time I do documenting it – as opposed to focusing on the species I’m trying to awaken. However, no one can possibly be fool enough to think I can’t reverse engineer this operation as easily as I can geoengineering. I’m uniquely suited to that task as well. It’s even easier in fact, because there isn’t any research involved. Quite evidently all I have to do is exist, and they insist on bringing the evidence – to me. If this is the only thing I’m encountering in cyberspace at all, then I need to cover and document it as thoroughly as geoengineering. I honestly don’t know why the governments and intelligence agencies of the world have such difficulty conceptualizing and dealing with these endlessly redundant psyop tactics. From where I’m standing, it couldn’t possibly be any clearer.

But I’ll tell you this: I have worked long and hard to establish beyond any shadow of a doubt that I serve the planet and tell only the truth – and no one serious on any side is going to contest that. It is what I am, and it is how I operate.

So in the event any real people read this (which every day becomes a more a legitimate question), know and understand that this is the only place in cyberspace you’re going to find any geoengineering or psyop truth and reality, know and understand that these cyberterrorists have been suppressing, obstruction, and slandering this work for five years specifically to keep me from achieving any funding at all, and that in spite of it I have built an unchallengeable body of work – for which there is no comparison. I’ve achieved this, solely on my commitment to this issue and to the future of this planet.

I’ve proven my commitment – beyond any question. I need real people, who can see past infantile deceitful psyops, with real concern for the future of this world, to provide real support for this one real source of climate and geoengineering reality to continue… and accomplish anything significant at all. If there are any real people in cyberspace at all, it’s time to step up to support the only real source in cyberspace. At the very least, do the best possible thing you can for your own intelligence and understanding of the planet you live on – and get my $5 dollar eBook that will teach you the reality of a Geoengineered World.



Dane Wigington & Co.

Past all of this vile deception and trickery (and the impetus for it), the fact remains that Dane Wigington is a liar. He has repeatedly lied about me personally, he has repeatedly lied about the nature and veracity of my work, he has repeatedly lied about fundamental geoengineering realities, and most telling of all – has refused to acknowledge, respond, or retract any of these proven lies from his website (geoengieeringwatch.org). This is not debatable. This is documented an undeniable fact. Dane Wigington won’t admit to, apologize, and retract his many lies, and that is the reason for this Anonymous Operation to discredit me, the validity of my work, and my truth about Dane Wigington’s lies. All of this if fully documented in video.



NNW-101-Amazon-1"NO NATURAL WEATHER" is a clearly written simple tutorial about weather modification and much more, designed for newcomers to the concept, but also full of explanations and clarifications that will add to the research of those who are already aware. Start at the beginning and let this narrative take you on a journey from soup to nuts, A to Z.

Share the series with your family and friends! There is no better time than now to educate yourself to what is and has been going on, and the thoughtful guidance provided by this seasoned researcher is the best company you could have on such an alarming journey. For yes, it is alarming to learn that our planet is being altered in ways that it may never recover from.

It is time for us all to voice our collective power, but no one can do so until the actual knowledge has been given and shared. Thank you, WeatherWar101, for your immense contribution!

Sofia Smallstorm - (Excerpt from Foreword)

My Review of WW101 Geoengineering 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Doug
Jan 02, 2015
A very simple to read and understand version of what has been going on with the unusual weather over the past 50 years.Great job WW101!
Look through your ego to the sky 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Bruce Nicholas
Dec 18, 2014
This should be required reading for every conscious breathing human. Doubters and denialists should walk outside,tilt their heads upward with eyes open and watch it happen. I did.
Excellent work in geoengeneering for several years 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By R. S.
Nov 15, 2014
WeatherWar101 done very excellent work in geoengeneering for several years. He is the highly reccomended expert at youtube. You can buy blind and never astonished.
As a fan of Weatherwar101 this ebook puts it all 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Teresa
Aug 26, 2014
As a fan of Weatherwar101 this ebook puts it all together simply and makes me wish it was written so I could show the family who do not use the internet for their information.
An excellent compendium on the subject 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Iris
Jul 07, 2014
Do you think that understanding what is happening in our sky is too complicated to understand? Then this book will prove you otherwise. WeatherWar101 explains not only what we are witnessing in basic terms, but how an altered climate snug up on us stealthily. Reading 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101' gave me a new perspective on why Geoengineering is still so fiercely denied.
This is a great book in the first step to understanding the "How's" 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Theresa M. Pratt
Jul 03, 2014
WeatherWar101 has been working tirelessly in educating the public regarding our engineered weather. This is a great book in the first step to understanding the "How's" and "Why's" of Geoengineering. Regardless of whether you are a believer or not, condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.
Five Stars 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Kay Ward
Sep 11, 2014
Excellent and informative book, everyone should read this...
Easy to understand book 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By DJ Oct 24, 2014
Well put together, easy to understand book. Should open a few eyes.
Some real TRUTH about Climate Change 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By D. W. Sep 11, 2014
WW101 has dug deep to research what is really going on with our weather today. This book should be read by everyone who desires to know the truth about "climate change".
Finally! 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Marcy Ruland June 18, 2014
I've known about this truth for years but I have struggled with why the natural systems of cloud & rain formation no longer existed. Why & how was it "broken", for how long & who was responsible? Finally, some clear answers that make sense.
Excellent Work - Could also be named Go-engineering For Dummies 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Michael June 18, 2014
I have observed, monitored and photographed geo-engineering activities for 7 years now. Myself and many like me are extremely frustrated with the persistent almost daily activities that are quite apparent in the skies across the US and much of the world. The very fact that the Federal, State and Local Governments and the Military are all complicit is maddening. We have witnessed the geo-engineering of highly destructive weather events and weather patterns. Here is one example of photographic evidence of one of my observations of a geo-engineered 40 inch Blizzard that hit Hamden CT http://youtu.be/QNoUW4wb9zU

This book is a must have for the average person who like me is aware that there is something very wrong with what we are observing and need to learn more.

I finally understand what is going on 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By boambria June 17, 2014
I can't wait for the others to come out. this is a must read for anyone trying to make sense of the weather modification process. thank you so much!
No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By D. Hudyman June 12, 2014
This is an excellent book & brilliantly written. WeatherWar101 obviously understands the issues of Geoengineering, and how it affects this planet. It is a great contribution to the truth and reality of what we face. Thank you to Sofia Smallstorm for her contribution.
Man-made-Weather by Geoengineering 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Boris N Hiesserer June 10, 2014
I highly recommend this well researched E-book, as it is of highest scientific value! Everyone interested in meteorology and especially those who call themselves professionals in this field should get a copy and some know-how of the ongoing planetary geo-engineering operations and it's strategies - such as mixing Chemtrails (aerosol cloud seeding) with Water Vapor Generation (over land and sea) and stimulate the mixture by Nexrad Frequency Control radar technologies. It's the same here in Europe and that 's exactly why WW101's E-book is so important: it helps our planetary citizenship to


GET THE FACTS!!!! MUST READ!!! 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By 1nterloper June 10, 2014
I have been a follower of your work for over a year now and I commend your continuing efforts in educating our peers about this assault on the planet. This eBook educates readers about the facts of what is going on in the skies around the world. Real science, real manipulation, real results. WW101 lays the facts out perfectly time after time and urges the reader to think critically about the reality we live in. An extremely important piece of reading material that will change our understanding of the world we know.
Great Insight into the question: What is going on in our sky? 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By C. Bowman June 10, 2014
Many of us remember the skies without the perpetual haze and the lingering streaks that dissipate into more haze. We remember those days. 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101' seeks to provide some answers based on the available evidence and does a terrific job.

Geoengineering has been a weapon of war as far back as the Vietnam war.

In 1977, the former Soviet Union and the United States signed a treaty to limit the use of weather modification. The UN 'Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any other hostile use of Environmental Modification Techniques' was adopted by Resolution 31/72 of the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1976 and signed in Geneva May 18, 1977 by a total of 33 countries.

Geoengineering is a reality in our skies. Those trying to deny it's existence are experiencing cognitive dissonance or simply look ridiculous because the evidence speaks to the contrary.

Although some of the information on Geoengineering remains classified, there is abundant evidence that what this is doing to our planet may be perhaps the crime of the century. There is plenty of good information is this E-book to stir up a passionate outcry.

'No Natural Weather:Introduction to Geoengineering 101' is highly recommended.

I found this E-book through the author's YouTube channel WeatherWar101. I could heartily recommend that as well.

Tea Kettles over land masses 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Rose June 10, 2014

This e-book by WeatherWar101, 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101' simplifies what one sees on radar and weather maps. The term 'Tea Kettles over land masses' demonstrate how the combined, sequential pluming effects, are occurring. The Proper Terminology used in the book helps the reader understand what they're seeing, making it easy to explain to others.

The ability for fine tuning weather systems should help to Avoid devastation, not Create it. Hurricane Season in the Northern Hemisphere is now here. Future damaging weather systems in Your Area will be Man Made. WeatherWar101 easily teaches how these storms are built in this e-book, 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101'.

Be Aware and Stay Aware. Share this with your older, more mature Children. Our Future.

Excellent Starting Point 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Henwhisperer June 4, 2014
WeatherWar101 has done an excellent job of outlining the facts surrounding geoengineering. People who are unfamiliar with how our unnatural weather is made, or those just starting to wake up to it, will find the explanations easy to understand.
A Must Read 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Donald June 2, 2014
We are all witnesses to the ongoing Geo-engineering programs that are taking place around the world. This first eBook in a series explains in simple terms how we got to this point and what you can do to help raise awareness to this ongoing crime against humanity.

I have known Sofia Smallstorm for many years and as evidenced by her inclusion in my documentary “Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering - V.1” and her foreword in my eBook “No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101,” she is a researcher I have great respect and regard for.

Some time ago Sofia wen on Red Ice Radio as well. Her understanding and ability to explain this reality (while doing it in her soothing voice that can make the most disturbing realities palatable somehow) is unequaled. If you want an excellent walk through of the basics of geoengineering and this work, I suggest you start here.

The topic of Chemtrails, like all other aspects of geoengineering, has been intermingled with so much misinformation, that it has largely been turned into a punchline. This is typical for any visible actual truth that they just can’t make people forget about. If they can’t make a topic go away, the next best thing is to distort it with massive amounts of misinformation, that people can’t discern the reality from the deliberately manufactured lunacy. Ultimately this makes the entire topic “suspect,” it gets dismissed as “tinfoil hat” fair, and the followers get dismissed as crazy “conspiracy theorists.” Quite obviously, this is all by design, and is an integral part of the methodology to keep people from ever discovering any real truth.

However, Chemtrails are a very real component of geoengineering. Ironically (but deliberately) deniers claim Chemtrails that stay in the sky (or grow) for hours, or that are visibly and instantly affected by Frequency, are simply “Water Vapor,” while at the same time claiming that hundreds of thousands of gallons a minute vaporized at any one power plant, combined with hundreds of other power plants – is an insignificant amount of Water Vapor that doesn’t affect (or effect) rainfall at all. Confusion and contradiction are tools that are used abundantly in disinformation and reality suppression.

In this video however, you will find the factual evidence and reasons for Chemtrails – all of which can verified. It is very important to separate the reality from the manufactured misdirection.

For a comprehensive breakdown of all major aspects of Geoengineering (Chemtrails, Nexrad, Water Vapor Generation, etc.), and Bioengineering, watch this full length documentary. Sofia Smallstorm is included with presentation on Chemtrails, Morgellons, and Transhumanism.

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