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Tennessee Wildfires, Tornadoes, and Floods

Bloomberg is reporting that scientists are "stumped" at the increase in "Tornado Outbreaks." All scientists have to do to understand, is watch this video. Given the fact that I've been opely proving this reality for years, the fact that the evidence is irrefutable, and given that the process can be witnessed every single day, it's had to quatify how ifuriated this lack of understanding in the scientific community really is.

In the last 48 hours, the south has been hit with sudden raging wildfires, followed by a sudden swarm of 34 tornadoes, followed by Flash Flood alerts. Entire communities have been devastated by this sequence of events, and the Governor of Tennessee has declared this the worst fire even in the State’s history.

Detailed explanation and background on the realities I’m about to show, I strongly suggest reading my eBook. In a succinct 40 pages it give the background and history for why this global weather system exists in the first place, but here I’m just going to point out the highlights.

1. Wildfire smoke produces the best CCN: Carbon ash from fire provides the best ‘natural’ Cloud Condensation Nuclei available. As has become quite commonplace, these fires (just like the fires all month) suddenly ignited, just before this tornadoswarm system materialized. I say ‘materialized,’ because it didn’t ‘come in’ from anywhere. It “fired up” in place, as illustrated below.

2. Massive in-place Water Vapor Generation (timed to fuel the incoming Heterodyne Wave / Gravity Wave – Storm Front) “fires up” and incorporates the smoke CCN, to create the ‘storm system.’

3. Additional converging Heterodynes Waves and Generated Wind Sheer creates the Tornado Swarm, all along the front end of the storm system.

4. The massive Water Vapor Generation that was shot into the air to create this multi-state storm front, comes back down as Flash Flood Rain (3-6 inches in 6 hours in Tennessee).

To the initiated of course, this sounds like insanity. However, after you have watched it happen on GOES satellite imagery a hundred times in exactly the same manner, it’s about as shocking as watching the Sun rise. l Although I’m putting together a video to illustrate this yet again, the fact is I have already thoroughly documented this exact process. The two videos below fully explain and illustrate the wildfire smoke generation, the Water Vapor Generation, and the Heterodyne Wave Generation that repeatedly create these systems and cause this tremendous devastation. This isn’t something that can be dismissed as wild conspiracy theory. I can easily be documented, every single day, by anyone willing to look with their own eyes. As always, I invite any meteorologists or climate scientists (with a name, face, and reputation to stake), to comment on or challenge this reality.



Manufactured Louisiana Flood

It’s irresponsible for governors and state officials who declare a #FLashFlood State of Emergency, not to understand how the devastating flood happened in the first place. Not when the facts, evidence, and “1,000 year” rain source are right here in front of them - weatherwar101 severe weather and flood information

Every week a governor in this country (or somewhere in the world) has to face devastated constituents who have lost their home and life’s worth of belongings, every week the manufactured cause is exactly the same, and every week it is dismissed (misdirected) as “Mother Nature”… clearing the way for the same thing to happen next week without any culpability.

10,000 people are living in shelters because of this manufactured flood. The sheriff of Livingston Parish said 100,000 people have lost everything. How is it – at all possible, that the weekly devastation of Americans and American towns on this scale is not THE number one news story in this country?

Hopefully I’ve made it clear by now that I am not of the mind that local government officials have any more of a clue about this half-century reality that has been boiling the frog on this planet for the last half a century than anybody else does. At some point however, is it criminally negligent – not to seek knowledge of the source of inexplicable yet continuous “1,000 year” floods that materialize every week. Certainly, the “experts” aren’t offering any coherent explanation. Below is The Weather Channel’s explanation:

“Here is why the disastrous flooding occurred and four other things to know about the situation. Deep, tropical moisture in combination with low pressure near the earth's surface and aloft were the main ingredients that fueled the serious flooding in Louisiana and adjacent parts of southwest Mississippi. On Friday morning, NOAA's Weather Prediction Center said this when talking about the heavy rain event: "The best description of this system is that of an inland sheared tropical depression."”

That’s it. Not even a paragraph’s worth of explanation, and that is no explanation at all. Think I’m kidding? See for yourself.

Why the Louisiana Flood Happened, And 4 Other Things to Know

Does this “explain” where the trillions of gallons of water for two “1,000 year” floods in two weeks came from? No… of course it doesn’t. In contrast here I am illustrating point by point, with two days of satellite imagery showing the actual development of the storm, and showing the exact pinpoint locations of In-Place Water Vapor Generation.

So, once again. I’ve made this easy enough for a kindergartener to understand. This broad daylight reality – cannot be denied. The failure of local and state officials who have to deal with the aftermath of these events (not to mention “journalists”), to understand why they happened, is the reason it will happen to another community next week. We all still await a single government or law enforcement official with courage, common sense, eyes to see with, and real concern for the constituents he or she serves, to recognize what is right here – in front of them.

weatherwar101 weather and climate change

Manmade Hurricane Matthew Origin

Just Google “flooding.” Right now, there are raging floods in Australia, Ireland, China, and North Korea – just to name a few. Last week there were two trillion-gallon flood events in the middle of the country (without any natural water source), two days in a row. Taiwan is about to be hit by the fourth typhoon, in the last two weeks. All of this is completely inexplicable, and all of it continues to be ignored.

While the media this morning (as usual) dwells on the latest ridiculous PTSD statement from Trump (which should be about the 1,000th statement disqualifying him to begin with), the continuing broad daylight deliberate deluging of the species continues unnoticed. The frog is so sufficiently boiled at the moment, that these events haven’t even made the “News recap” segments.

Now here come Matthew, another plainly visible manmade storm system soon to be targeting Florida and the East coast after Haiti (likely costing millions in damages and loss), and all the Governor of Florida can do to act like he’s serving the people – is declare a State of Emergency, days in advance.

As everyone around here knows, I don’t buy into the “It’s the Government!!” misdirection meme that keeps people and governments at odds and diverts attention from the actual source. I don’t buy it, because it makes no logical sense, and there is no logical evidence trail. I won’t go into all of the specifics (and I doubt I’ll debate it for the hundredth time – see past comments), but the simple fact is that almost all countries are under the identical attack, this proves on a daily basis that borders aren’t barriers of any kind, and one would have to believe that each country is allowing this to be done to its _own_ country and citizens, while being secretly in league with _all other_ governments on the planet.

What I _can_ blame government for however (not just mine, but evidently all of them), is being completely oblivious and evidently powerless to see, identify, and prevent this continuous attack methodology that has been under development and implementation at the industrial level – for all of our entire lifetimes.

To any newcomers, I’m sure that’s one of the most overwhelming statements you’ve ever heard. To my regular viewers who have watched the evolution of my 200+ videos, that’s just logical conclusion.

Obviously, therein lies the challenge. From where I’m standing, it perpetually looks like (for the most part) that each of our governments, is about as clueless as anyone else’s. Certainly that’s a disheartening realization for some, but at least it’s a tangible place to start. “You can’t solve a problem until you know what the problem is.”

Meanwhile, as my viewers also know, I rarely discuss any personal issues, but I had my own problems this summer. Some of which are still some time away from being resolved. This has delayed the Flash Flood documentary (and fundraising for it), but as everyone can plainly see – it has to be the priority. As everyone around here knows, the so-called “Truth Community” is effectively coopted and awash with (decommissioned) HAARP nonsense (to make everyone look like “tinfoil hat wearing loonies”), but if you want to know how weather is actually manufactured in a way that even a child can understand – this is the only place to come.

I hope my viewers value this singular source of actual truth, and recognize the critical and singular importance of the project. Soon it is going to be time to show it, and stand up for the planet we all live on.

West Virginia 1000-Year Flood, Wildfires, & Heatwave: Manmade

It’s the lead story almost every day now. Another ‘historic’ 1,000-year flash flood dropping 10 inches of rain on West Virginia in 3 hours. Trillions of gallons of water suddenly falling on West Virginia (in the middle of the continental landmass) where only hours before there was no sign of any Water Vapor on radar at all. It’s surprising more people don’t ask how that is possible, or, perhaps they do we just never hear about it.

This isn’t an anomaly for flash floods or severe weather however. If you study actual satellite and radar imagery (as I show in this video), you will come to see with your own eyes that this is the only way storms systems develop in this country. Never on satellite do we see storm systems develop over the oceans and large bodies of water (from natural evaporation) and come on shore, we see sudden almost in-place materialization of Massive Water Vapor, within a couple of hundred miles from where the Water Vapor drops as deluge and flash flood.

As you can see from satellite imagery, these burst of Water Vapor that turn into these Flash Floods appear literally out of thin (and completely dry) air. We get no tangible explanation of any kind from meteorologists other than the meaningless “El Nino” and “Low Pressure Systems” misdirections, that don’t explain how this can actually happen. That is why, as an engineer, I embarked on this research two decades ago to begin with. I needed answers that made engineering and scientific sense about why the clouds and storm systems looked and formed the way they do, and how exactly trillions of gallons of water can fall from the sky in a matter of hours – out of nowhere.

Although these bursts of Water Vapor look like they materialize out of nowhere, there is a very easy to understand source. All you have to understand (for geoengineering in its simplest form) is:

1) Evaporating water (Water Vapor) creates clouds.
2) Boiling water creates Water Vapor.
3) When clouds reach Water Vapor saturation, that Water Vapor returns to the ground as rain.
4) If you have enough facilities to generate Water Vapor, you can consistently make rain.

Water Vapor mass doesn’t travel very far before dispersing, and 4 trillion gallons of water isn’t going to stay suspended in the air very long before coming down as rain. Again these are two simple and logical facts that people should be considering, when we are told week after week of these historic trillion gallon events.

That is why as we see on satellite imagery that the Water Vapor bursts go up very quickly and come down very shortly after that. This isn’t speculation or hypothesis, this is verified from decades of studying over a half a century of available satellite and radar imagery.

So from a simple physics, engineering, and scientific standpoint, there has to be source for the massive amounts of water vapor that fuel these weekly historic deluges, that constantly wash away cities and towns within hours, right? There should be a tangible, logical explanation for such consistently recurring (yet completely inexplicable) events. Certainly something more comprehensive than ‘El Nino’ or ‘Climate Change’ did it.

There are plenty of available Water Vapor Generators across this country, and they are right at your local power plant. They are the Cooling Towers and WSAC (Wet Surface Air Coolers). These units are capable of evaporating hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per minute each, and many power stations have enormous banks of them.

There are 7,000 power plants in the United States, and 56,800 of them worldwide. When these Water Vapor Generators are used in combination and in sequence as we see daily (and as you see throughout this video), they are easily capable of generating the trillions of gallons of Water Vapor that comes right back down a short distance later. There are other components to this global system, but this is the easy to understand, daily provable explanation for where all of this water comes from, day after day, after day.

There are obviously several things that make this statement of fact, so incredibly hard for people to believe.

1) The scope of a system that would network and coordinate 56,800 power plants.
2) The length of time this system has been being implemented and developed (well over 50 years as proven by available satellite data).
3) The fact that it has existed for so long, in broad daylight, without anyone in any country saying a thing about it.

Paris and Europe Floods – Proof all are Entirely Manmade

“The worst thing is we don’t understand how this could happen. We don’t know.” (Paris shop-owner). I agree entirely. Almost every day these instantaneous and massive floods devastate some part of the world, and no one understands how these continuous events occur.

Last week I illustrated how the weekly floods in Texas are created in the same manner the floods in Germany were created. This week I’m extending it to include the Paris floods, and the floods all over Europe. As I say frequently, no matter where you are in the world, when you are hit with deluges like these, this is exactly why and how it is happening. There are no exceptions to this reality. This is how they are created… period.

Yet only a handful of people actually know it… that handful, being my viewers. The rest of the population (aside from the perpetrators) remains completely in the dark about these events that dramatically impact and alter their lives – every single day.

My viewers know I have and do make every conceivable effort to make “understanding how this could happen” not only possible, but easy. 200+ detailed and undeniable videos, and an equally undeniable eBook that explains 100 years of geoengineering development and reality (in a mere 40 pages) make it possible for anyone in the world who wants to understand global severe weather events and the truth about climate change – to be able to do it, for less than five dollars. For the price of a Starbuck’s coffee, people can actually understand the planet they live on.

As I’ve said before, if a million people read this eBook, the conversation would be very different. Instead of the exhaustive calls for “thoughts and prayers” for the endless victims (which is ubiquitous and scripted response to all manufactured terror events), people would be talking about how and why the event actually occurred.

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NNW-101-Amazon-1"NO NATURAL WEATHER" is a clearly written simple tutorial about weather modification and much more, designed for newcomers to the concept, but also full of explanations and clarifications that will add to the research of those who are already aware. Start at the beginning and let this narrative take you on a journey from soup to nuts, A to Z.

Share the series with your family and friends! There is no better time than now to educate yourself to what is and has been going on, and the thoughtful guidance provided by this seasoned researcher is the best company you could have on such an alarming journey. For yes, it is alarming to learn that our planet is being altered in ways that it may never recover from.

It is time for us all to voice our collective power, but no one can do so until the actual knowledge has been given and shared. Thank you, WeatherWar101, for your immense contribution!

Sofia Smallstorm - (Excerpt from Foreword)

My Review of WW101 Geoengineering 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Doug
Jan 02, 2015
A very simple to read and understand version of what has been going on with the unusual weather over the past 50 years.Great job WW101!
Look through your ego to the sky 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Bruce Nicholas
Dec 18, 2014
This should be required reading for every conscious breathing human. Doubters and denialists should walk outside,tilt their heads upward with eyes open and watch it happen. I did.
Excellent work in geoengeneering for several years 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By R. S.
Nov 15, 2014
WeatherWar101 done very excellent work in geoengeneering for several years. He is the highly reccomended expert at youtube. You can buy blind and never astonished.
As a fan of Weatherwar101 this ebook puts it all 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Teresa
Aug 26, 2014
As a fan of Weatherwar101 this ebook puts it all together simply and makes me wish it was written so I could show the family who do not use the internet for their information.
An excellent compendium on the subject 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Iris
Jul 07, 2014
Do you think that understanding what is happening in our sky is too complicated to understand? Then this book will prove you otherwise. WeatherWar101 explains not only what we are witnessing in basic terms, but how an altered climate snug up on us stealthily. Reading 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101' gave me a new perspective on why Geoengineering is still so fiercely denied.
This is a great book in the first step to understanding the "How's" 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Theresa M. Pratt
Jul 03, 2014
WeatherWar101 has been working tirelessly in educating the public regarding our engineered weather. This is a great book in the first step to understanding the "How's" and "Why's" of Geoengineering. Regardless of whether you are a believer or not, condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.
Five Stars 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Kay Ward
Sep 11, 2014
Excellent and informative book, everyone should read this...
Easy to understand book 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By DJ Oct 24, 2014
Well put together, easy to understand book. Should open a few eyes.
Some real TRUTH about Climate Change 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By D. W. Sep 11, 2014
WW101 has dug deep to research what is really going on with our weather today. This book should be read by everyone who desires to know the truth about "climate change".
Finally! 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Marcy Ruland June 18, 2014
I've known about this truth for years but I have struggled with why the natural systems of cloud & rain formation no longer existed. Why & how was it "broken", for how long & who was responsible? Finally, some clear answers that make sense.
Excellent Work - Could also be named Go-engineering For Dummies 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Michael June 18, 2014
I have observed, monitored and photographed geo-engineering activities for 7 years now. Myself and many like me are extremely frustrated with the persistent almost daily activities that are quite apparent in the skies across the US and much of the world. The very fact that the Federal, State and Local Governments and the Military are all complicit is maddening. We have witnessed the geo-engineering of highly destructive weather events and weather patterns. Here is one example of photographic evidence of one of my observations of a geo-engineered 40 inch Blizzard that hit Hamden CT http://youtu.be/QNoUW4wb9zU

This book is a must have for the average person who like me is aware that there is something very wrong with what we are observing and need to learn more.

I finally understand what is going on 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By boambria June 17, 2014
I can't wait for the others to come out. this is a must read for anyone trying to make sense of the weather modification process. thank you so much!
No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By D. Hudyman June 12, 2014
This is an excellent book & brilliantly written. WeatherWar101 obviously understands the issues of Geoengineering, and how it affects this planet. It is a great contribution to the truth and reality of what we face. Thank you to Sofia Smallstorm for her contribution.
Man-made-Weather by Geoengineering 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Boris N Hiesserer June 10, 2014
I highly recommend this well researched E-book, as it is of highest scientific value! Everyone interested in meteorology and especially those who call themselves professionals in this field should get a copy and some know-how of the ongoing planetary geo-engineering operations and it's strategies - such as mixing Chemtrails (aerosol cloud seeding) with Water Vapor Generation (over land and sea) and stimulate the mixture by Nexrad Frequency Control radar technologies. It's the same here in Europe and that 's exactly why WW101's E-book is so important: it helps our planetary citizenship to


GET THE FACTS!!!! MUST READ!!! 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By 1nterloper June 10, 2014
I have been a follower of your work for over a year now and I commend your continuing efforts in educating our peers about this assault on the planet. This eBook educates readers about the facts of what is going on in the skies around the world. Real science, real manipulation, real results. WW101 lays the facts out perfectly time after time and urges the reader to think critically about the reality we live in. An extremely important piece of reading material that will change our understanding of the world we know.
Great Insight into the question: What is going on in our sky? 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By C. Bowman June 10, 2014
Many of us remember the skies without the perpetual haze and the lingering streaks that dissipate into more haze. We remember those days. 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101' seeks to provide some answers based on the available evidence and does a terrific job.

Geoengineering has been a weapon of war as far back as the Vietnam war.

In 1977, the former Soviet Union and the United States signed a treaty to limit the use of weather modification. The UN 'Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any other hostile use of Environmental Modification Techniques' was adopted by Resolution 31/72 of the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1976 and signed in Geneva May 18, 1977 by a total of 33 countries.

Geoengineering is a reality in our skies. Those trying to deny it's existence are experiencing cognitive dissonance or simply look ridiculous because the evidence speaks to the contrary.

Although some of the information on Geoengineering remains classified, there is abundant evidence that what this is doing to our planet may be perhaps the crime of the century. There is plenty of good information is this E-book to stir up a passionate outcry.

'No Natural Weather:Introduction to Geoengineering 101' is highly recommended.

I found this E-book through the author's YouTube channel WeatherWar101. I could heartily recommend that as well.

Tea Kettles over land masses 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Rose June 10, 2014

This e-book by WeatherWar101, 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101' simplifies what one sees on radar and weather maps. The term 'Tea Kettles over land masses' demonstrate how the combined, sequential pluming effects, are occurring. The Proper Terminology used in the book helps the reader understand what they're seeing, making it easy to explain to others.

The ability for fine tuning weather systems should help to Avoid devastation, not Create it. Hurricane Season in the Northern Hemisphere is now here. Future damaging weather systems in Your Area will be Man Made. WeatherWar101 easily teaches how these storms are built in this e-book, 'No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101'.

Be Aware and Stay Aware. Share this with your older, more mature Children. Our Future.

Excellent Starting Point 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Henwhisperer June 4, 2014
WeatherWar101 has done an excellent job of outlining the facts surrounding geoengineering. People who are unfamiliar with how our unnatural weather is made, or those just starting to wake up to it, will find the explanations easy to understand.
A Must Read 5-Star-Icon-1-1
By Donald June 2, 2014
We are all witnesses to the ongoing Geo-engineering programs that are taking place around the world. This first eBook in a series explains in simple terms how we got to this point and what you can do to help raise awareness to this ongoing crime against humanity.

WW101 Joomla PayPal 1 SM

I have known Sofia Smallstorm for many years and as evidenced by her inclusion in my documentary “Weather War Big Picture: Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering - V.1” and her foreword in my eBook “No Natural Weather: Introduction to Geoengineering 101,” she is a researcher I have great respect and regard for.

Some time ago Sofia wen on Red Ice Radio as well. Her understanding and ability to explain this reality (while doing it in her soothing voice that can make the most disturbing realities palatable somehow) is unequaled. If you want an excellent walk through of the basics of geoengineering and this work, I suggest you start here.

The topic of Chemtrails, like all other aspects of geoengineering, has been intermingled with so much misinformation, that it has largely been turned into a punchline. This is typical for any visible actual truth that they just can’t make people forget about. If they can’t make a topic go away, the next best thing is to distort it with massive amounts of misinformation, that people can’t discern the reality from the deliberately manufactured lunacy. Ultimately this makes the entire topic “suspect,” it gets dismissed as “tinfoil hat” fair, and the followers get dismissed as crazy “conspiracy theorists.” Quite obviously, this is all by design, and is an integral part of the methodology to keep people from ever discovering any real truth.

However, Chemtrails are a very real component of geoengineering. Ironically (but deliberately) deniers claim Chemtrails that stay in the sky (or grow) for hours, or that are visibly and instantly affected by Frequency, are simply “Water Vapor,” while at the same time claiming that hundreds of thousands of gallons a minute vaporized at any one power plant, combined with hundreds of other power plants – is an insignificant amount of Water Vapor that doesn’t affect (or effect) rainfall at all. Confusion and contradiction are tools that are used abundantly in disinformation and reality suppression.

In this video however, you will find the factual evidence and reasons for Chemtrails – all of which can verified. It is very important to separate the reality from the manufactured misdirection.

For a comprehensive breakdown of all major aspects of Geoengineering (Chemtrails, Nexrad, Water Vapor Generation, etc.), and Bioengineering, watch this full length documentary. Sofia Smallstorm is included with presentation on Chemtrails, Morgellons, and Transhumanism.


WeatherWar101 YouTubeThere are currently 135+ detailed geoengineering videos on my channel freely available to anyone on the planet. If you truly want to understand the reality of global geoengineering, you’ll want to spend some time here.



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